What is included in a 30 day free trial?

The 30-day trial comes with all widgets and capabilities. You don’t need to enter a credit card to get started. The only item that is limited is the cloud storage at 80 MB and max file upload size at 16

How do I get everything setup and running?

Follow these 5 steps: Sign-up for a free 30-day trial or make a purchase. Purchase a media player (NoviSign runs on Chrome, Windows, or Android digital signage media players) Connect the media player to the TV Install the app link we

Can I run reports and proof-of-play?

Once you have your digital signage playing you can view the status of all your screens, see when the last update occurred, run proof of play reports, and more. Run detailed media statistic reports View high-level player and screen status

Can I set up multiple user accounts?

Users can be created by location name or by an actual user name (better have it as a real email address). The screens for that location would be in each user account. For multiple location projects, many customers set up

What apps and widgets are included?

Over 20+ drag-and-drop widgets are all included with the standard monthly price. No technical setup or IT background is needed to use the widgets. Popular widgets include: RSS feeds; CNN, ESPN, Reuters, BBC and more! Media slideshows; videos, images, text,