Renew today to secure your extended warranty.

How can I request a warranty replacement for hardware?

We strongly encourage all clients to register their devices to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty and our extended warranty. This is required to use the extended warranty. We offer extended hardware warranties for devices purchased directly from FSdigitalsignage as long as the software is current and paid in full. We have the right to refuse device replacement if the claims are incorrect or missing vital information. 

Device Warranty

We warranty your device through the life of the service as long as that device has been utilized properly and has been purchased directly from us.

Software Updater

All updates to the software are included within your paid subscription plan.

Payment Security

Keep your subscription live and paid to date to take advantage of our built-in extended hardware warranties and software upgrades.

Comprehensive Protection
for Devices

To file a warranty claim for a replacement product, please submit a request form with the following information to the FASTSIGNS store you purchased your device from:

•    a photo of the damaged device’s serial number/ SKU and or any additional information such as item, style or device numbers. 
•    proof of your purchase of the product (this could be a photo of your receipt or bank statement, or your order reference if you bought directly from a FASTSIGNS store.)
•    full postal address and contact telephone number for shipping purposes

•    Issues you are experiencing with the device written on a white slip or submitted in the email. 

•   Proof of registered account for manufacturer’s warranty. 

What will void my warranty
for hardware?

  • The warranty period has expired / Your subscription plan has lapsed or ended. 
  • The defect or part is not covered by both the manufacturer’s warranty and ours. 
  • The product failure is due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance.
  • You have made significant alterations to the product, affecting its performance.


3. Limitations on Warranty. 3.1 This warranty applies only in the country where the Customer installs the Hardware. The warranty may not be transferred to another country without the written authorization of FSdigitalSignage (FASTSIGNS). The customer may not transfer the warranty to a third party without the written authorization of FSdigitalsignage. Upon a transfer of the Hardware, the Customer must notify FSdigitalSignage  FASTSIGNS)  in writing of the identity of the third party and location of the Hardware within 15 days after transfer. 3.2 This warranty does not cover Defects, damage, or failure of Hardware caused by misuse, accident, unauthorized modification, improper use or maintenance, or repair by any party other than a FASTSIGNS registered agent, movement, or transportation of the Hardware by any party other than FASTSIGNS agent, re-configuration of the Hardware not in accordance with the Specifications, causes external to the Hardware including any failure or fluctuation of electrical power, inadequate cooling or, a force majeure event (e.g., earthquake, lightning, flood, fire, etc.), or any other damage or failure caused by Customer, a third party or a third party product.

Warranty Limitations

2. Warranty Service. 2.1 To receive warranty service on Hardware, the Customer must contact FASTSIGNS or its agent. If the Customer does not register its Hardware with its proper manufacturer Customer may be required to present proof of purchase. 2.2 Hardware products covered under the Warranty will be repaired or replaced with like or better quality at FASTSIGNS sole discretion. For locations where Onsite service is not available FASTSIGNS will issue a Return Materials Authorization (“RMA”) number including shipping information and tracking number. HARDWARE SENT TO FASTSIGNS WITHOUT AN RMA NUMBER MAY BE REJECTED BY FASTSIGNS AND RETURNED TO THE CUSTOMER AT THE CUSTOMER’S EXPENSE. The customer should be prepared to provide FASTSIGNS with the location of the Hardware, a detailed description of the problems or errors, a description of the Hardware, including serial number or Service Tag number, and the names and versions of any operating systems and Software loaded on the Hardware, including patches and fixes. The customer will properly package, insure, and ship prepaid the defective Hardware to the FASTSIGNS designated repair site at Customer expense. Damage or loss of goods during shipment to FASTSIGNS is the responsibility of the Customer. FASTSIGNS will pay all packing, shipping, and insurance to ship the repaired or replacement Hardware to the Customer. FASTSIGNS will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement part within ten (10) Business Days after receipt of the RMA request. Actual delivery times may vary depending on Customer location. 2.3 Except as otherwise provided, the foregoing is the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and FASTSIGNS sole and exclusive obligation, for defects or failures related to the Hardware. 2.4 FASTSIGNS may request that Customer take certain actions to determine whether the problem or error is related to the Software, Hardware, or another item. The customer shall reasonably cooperate with FASTSIGNS during this process. 2.5 Returned Hardware becomes the property of FASTSIGNS at the time it is determined by FASTSIGNS to be defective. The customer will own all replacement Hardware provided by FASTSIGNS to the Customer. Replacement Hardware provided by FASTSIGNS will assume the existing warranty of the original Hardware. 2.6 Some parts of the Hardware may be designated Customer Replaceable Units (“CRUs”). FASTSIGNS ships, at FASTSIGNS option and expense, CRUs to Customer for replacement by Customer. The customer must return, at FASTSIGNS expense in the package provided, all defective CRUs to FASTSIGNS within 15 days following its receipt of the replacement CRU or the Customer will be invoiced for the CRU at the then-current replacement cost.