Digital Signage Made Easy.

The best solution for sending your content to any screen at any time from anywhere.

Digital Signage Made Easy.

Simple, Convenient & Manageable

Digital signage software will help you improve the way you visually communicate.

Share HR updates, company bulletins and notifications on your digital signage TVs.

Distribute campus news, faculty announcements, and class schedules.

Display your menu with descriptions, prices and images. Make it a digital menu board!

Broadcast clinic services, doctor bio’s, and practice information.

Spotlight sales, share pricing by digital menus and improve customer loyalty.

Create event digital signage boards, concierge infotainment displays, menu boards, and upsell amenities.

Everything is measured with our reports function for exceptional ROI.

What is proof of play? Imagine you have advertisers in your ad network, and you need to show them how many times that ad was broadcasted or for how long was this ad being played, on how many stations, and so on. These reports will provide this data.

Some of the best widgets

Choose from over 20+ widgets that are simple to use and can be fully customized to meet your exact requirements.



CNN, ESPN, Reuters, BBC, stocks, health facts, weather alerts and more!


Add any video, your organization’s channel, or a specific playlist.


Stream live videos: corporate events, large meetings, classes, concerts and more.

Web Page

Add Google presentation, spreadsheet, your website, or any other URL to the screen.

Web Image

Add any image via its URL to your content.


Easily edit, adjust and resize any image, logo, or background.


Create mixed media presentations: images, videos, slides, text and more.


Attract, engage and inform with clips, commercials, or any other video.

Weather & Clock

Choose from over 1,200+ cities for live weather and forecasts.


No extra cost, create a full touch screen kiosk!

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