What is SaaS digital signage?

First of all SaaS is an acronym for “Software as a Service” which means that the software is in the internet (some would call it “in the cloud”, even though it is not necessarily true, but in our case it is in the cloud). That means all you need to have is a connection to the internet in order to work on it. When it comes to the editing tool here (our online Studio), you will need a browser in order to use it.

Is it all SaaS?

In our case it is all SaaS. In other types of software there is also the on-premise software which means that the software is not in the internet, but you need to have your own servers with the core software installed on it. This might have more security, but the overhead is too high: you need to buy a server, you need to maintain it (you need to have an IT department for that), you need to manually install updates on the server and you need to make sure it is up and running 24/7. This is why we preferred the SaaS digital signage over the on-premise.

How do I choose between Android and Windows for player software?

he player side is the actual physical player which you put in the venue. It can either be Android or Windows (actually, anything that can run Adobe Air, since our Windows app actually talks with the Adobe Air player and not with the Windows itself, you can also run it on Linux and Macbook as long as you can install Adobe Air on them). The Android devices are small, cheap and strong, while the windows devices are big (now we’re starting to get them in dongles as we’ve seen in CES 2015) and expensive. When it comes to remote control 3rd party software, the Windows beats the Android as the Windows you have plenty of it, while for Android you barely find one that works. Regarding our digital signage player app, the Android app is more stable and configurable than the Windows app. The only advantage for the Windows app from this perspective is that it can run 2 interactive signage games that the Android native app cannot. So, my choice is: Android.

Can I customize the screen layout or is it fixed partitioned?

It’s not fixed. If you use the Studio to create a blended creative (unlike a simple creative which can be either an image or a video), you’ll be able create a rich digital signage screen with several partitions, widgets and cool stuff.

What happens when there is no network?

(Almost) Everything will keep running as is, since almost everything is cached into local media files in the physical player. The only exceptions are the FTP, polls, game and web page widgets which must be online. When the internet/WiFi is restored it will ask for new updates if there are any.



Can I create playlists and schedule my content to play?

Yes, you can. Add an unlimited number of templates (you can design your own, too) to your playlist. You can pre-schedule your templates to play on specific dates and times, set recurring schedules and more.

Can I remotely monitor my screens status?

Yes, you can. Using the reports and monitoring dashboard you can quickly view all of your screens, what is playing on them when they were updated last and more.

What apps and widgets are included?

Over 20+ drag-and-drop widgets are all included with the standard monthly price. No technical setup IT background is needed to use the widgets. Learn more. Popular widgets include: RSS feeds; CNN, ESPN, Reuters, BBC and more! Media slideshows; videos, images, text, weather, and scrolling feeds Social media widgets; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Live streams; YouTube and Ustream Google; slides, documents and spreadsheets Touchscreen; interactive kiosks Websites; integrate URLs and web images Custom Tickers; scrolling text feeds Weather; forecasts and conditions

Can I set up multiple user accounts?

Users can be created by location name or by an actual user name (better have it as a real email address). The screens for that location would be in each user account. For multiple location projects many customer setup users by location name.

Can I control what each user has access to or can update?

Below are the two most popular ways to set up users for content management. With either option, you will be able to access the user account to oversee / monitor. 1) You can create and share templates with each user. 2) You can also share specific sections of a template with the user. The sections that you share will be the only parts of the template that the user can edit.



What kind of support is included?

It’s simple. When you have questions, you need answers. From promptly returning emails to picking up the phone and calling you we make sure that your questions are answered. Free Assistance: we’re available anytime to help you Easy To Contact: phone, email, or social media Help Center: simple online guides and materials Video Tutorials: step-by-step videos Quick Start: online easy-to-use the resource center Email Help Desk: 24/7 email ticking Webinars: Free online demos and training

What is the cost?

Pricing is per screen/media player. Pricing is month to month. Pricing is based on what type of hardware, install and how many units you will be running. Volume Discounts: receive exceptional prices at 5 screens or more No Hidden Fees: we don’t have setup charges or hidden fees No Contracts: cancel any time with our monthly subscription Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Invoices, and POs ( This will vary based on location)