Digital Shelf Edge Display

Retail Shelf Stretch LCD Screens Displays for pricing, information, and marketing on the shelves.

Digital Shelf Edge Display

Retail Shelf Screens – the next generation of retail pricing and customer experience.

A smart solution for pricing, information, and marketing on the shelves. No more wasting time and resources, no more inaccuracies in prices or promotions, and no more environmental damage created as a result of using paper stickers. Thanks to FSDigitalSignage the retail stores will become accurate, flexible, and environmentally friendly.

Create Memorable Shopping Experiences

Our Shelf Screens Displays are specially designed for retail applications. The e-Shelf tail shelf screen comes in 3 ultra-bright options ranging from 500 to 1,000 NITS. From displaying in-store new product commercials to showcasing sale pricing, the content is managed quickly and easily by using FSdigitalsignage cloud-based retail digital signage software.

Point of Sale Integration


Retail stores can also integrate the screens to their point of Sale electronic shelf labelling solution (ESL) in a way all pricing and product information can be automatically displayed on the shelf displays.


FSdigital Signage is pre-integrated with leading ESL solutions such as Pricer so you can combine solutions with Digital Price Tags / Electronic Shelf Labels and Shelf Screens.