Charge through the air and show 4K content anyway wirelessly

Charge through the air
for digital devices

A Ready-to-Use Wireless Powered Advertising Display

Use Cases

Our very own turnkey product can be used in restaurants, cafes, airports, retail shops, grocery stores, or wherever you need. Our wireless power, our digital displays are easy to install and update.

Software Updater

Software built in that automatically updates when you want it to!

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is not just a word, it's what motivates us. We envision a world with less wires and batteries, and more eco-friendly technology. Every R1 wireless transmitter eliminates approximately 5,000 batteries.

AirCord Wireless Charging Advantages

Large format E-ink active displays at the point of purchase, without the need for batteries or wired installations. Displays offer data feedback and user engagement. They are easy to install and keep updated. 

Wirelessly Powered Digital Displays

Dynamic signage at the point of sale is tremendously impactful and part of a future vision for connected retail, that is available now. 

What People Are Saying

“ We have created this device to make the digital world less complicated”

Kenneth Ryan
Lead Engineer

What People Are Saying

“ It’s really neat to see your designs featured on a device so simple and easy to manage”

George Miller
Graphic Designer

What People Are Saying

“ The software alone makes it so easy to create dynamic content and send it to any of the devices you deploy”

Joseph Stevens
Lead Engineer

Possible Deployments

Retail spaces such as grocery, fashion, and electronic stores can use wireless displays for daily sales and advertisements. Public spaces such as airports, office buildings, and restaurants can benefit through digital signage, menus, and specials.

Start Saving Time On Your Project

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How are customers using our system?

We have a variety of customers and we know how to meet their needs. Some of our customers choose to chain the entire store with our shelf edge displays while others choose to start with a specific department or products they would like to promote.