Software Walkthrough

Watch our walkthrough to get a basic feel for our software. For more information contact support.


Schedule your best content to play whenever you want. Time of day or day or week.


Label your content and create interesting designs. Label the most important parts of your content.

How does it work?

Find your local FASTSIGNS

Contact your local FASTSIGNS and ask for a demo of the FSDigitalSignage Software.

Set up

Once you have seen the software and how to use it your representative can create a quote that fits your needs.


Once you have paid your invoice your FASTSIGNS will handle the rest. We can manage and create content for you or you can do it yourself.

Send To Screens

Once the content is created, hardware has been installed you are all set to send it to your screens!


Set the time for any city in the world. Use any time format that works for you.


Add custom countdown announcements and news.

Image & Video

Attract, engage and inform with clips, commercials, or any other video/images.


The weather forecast is a property of the weather widget. And can be set to almost any day and time.


Add custom moving announcements, sales, news, and more. Use a ticker to scroll information.


Stream live videos: corporate events, large meetings, classes, concerts and more.


We provide a Saas DIgital signage,
turn key

1. All-In-One Digital Signage Software 20+ drag-and-drop widgets, comprehensive scheduling, robust reports dashboard, and device status monitoring.

2. Cloud-Based No server management, no complicated software installation, no IT headaches.

3. Straightforward The sign-up process is simple and self-explanatory. Once signed up, you can start creating and managing your digital signage content. Contact your local FASTSIGNS store for more information!


Create mixed media presentations: images, videos, slides, text and more.


The weather forecast can be set to almost any day and time.


Pull media directly from any FTP and it to your playlist